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These guys at "Surya Indah Motor" are magicians at automotive body repair and you won't beleive the results.

Kupang Klub House personally uses "Surya Indah Motor" for all our automitive repair work including panel repair, welding and paint.

We are truely 100% satisfied with their work.

Contact "Surya Indah Motor" for a FREE quote or your next repair.

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Kupang Bemo Route Google Maps

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Go here to see all the Kupang City Bemo Routes and much more information on out of town public transport as well....

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Thriving Economy

All you need to do is look around as you drive through the streets of Kupang to realize that the capital of East Nusa Tenggara is booming.

New shops, offices(both government and private), warehouses, workshops, factories and homes are popping up everywhere.

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A-Z of Building Supplies

To cater for this growth, there are a multitude of building supply shops throughout Kupang that can help you with everything from Acrylic paint to Zinc roofing sheets.

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Workshops abound throughout the city with welders, carpenters, canopy makers, fiberglass specialists, aluminum workshops, aquarium makers, glass fitters and more.

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Raw Materials

PT. Timor Mitra Niaga is Sumba's largest Kakao Cocoa Cacao producers in Indonesia winning the Salon du Chocolate award for Best Samples with sundried fermented beans...

The raw materials needed for construction can all be easily sourced from the suppliers throughout Kupang.

Construction materials, including steel, aluminum, glass, galvanized steel, roofing sheets, raw fiberglass and concrete products all play their part in the process. Image description

Tools of the trade

Looking for that special tool for that special job?

No doubt you'll find it at one of Kupang's many hardware and building supply stores.

Even some of the bigger supermarkets stock many general tools.

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General Hardware

Just looking for a small can of white paint?

Well you can get many general hardware items from either the smaller stores or even some of the local supermarkets.

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