It's Amazing!

The Art Gallery is full of fascinating handmade items.

We don't sell any of the items shown, it's more of a showcase of the artistic diversity that abounds in East Nusa Tenggara.

Of course we do have many contacts who deal in these types of traditional handcrafts and even some amazing private collections, so if you are really interested, just drop us an e-mail.

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Hand made and traditional

Everything shown here has been hand made using traditional methods handed down from past generations.

The time consuming way in which some of these items are made is unbelievable.

Some sarongs take months to produce and hundreds of man-hours to complete.

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The sheer diversity

From wooden statues to silver handcrafted jewelry, intricately cross-woven tie-dye sarongs to bamboo lime containers.

The East Nusa Tenggara region stretches from Komodo to Timor with literally hundreds of islands holding dozens of ethically diverse communities, each with it's own style and expression.

So enjoy and rejoice their artistic diversity.

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Moko Drums of Alor

The Moko Drums of Alor are a unique look into the past trading practices of the indigenous people of these islands.

Originally dated back 600AD from the Dungsen period of Vietnam, these bronze handcrafted marvels were thought to have numbered in the thousands, now only a few hundred are documented.

New legislation prohibits the removal of these drums from the Alor Archipelago with prison terms and hefty fines.

The Kalabahi Museum has a substantial collection on loan from the local people and can be viewed at close range to admire the unique designs.

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Sumba's Incredible Sarongs

Sumba is world known for it's magnificent sarongs that depict tales of traditional life on this diverse island.

Much like the ancient Egyptian wall drawings found deep within the pyramids.

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Flores Ivory

Although trade in ivory worldwide has been outlawed, the traditional trading of the Flores islanders in this mystical commodity continues today within the villages.

Ivory is still used as a bride price and should be noted that no Elephants are found(or are documented to ever have lived)on Flores or it's surrounding islands.

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