A Special "Thank You"

Orphanage Expansion - Donate NOW!!!

Attin Orphanage is currentlly adding new rooms because of the overcrowding of the current bedrooms where now upto 10-15 children sleep at a time...

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Construction has begun but they urgently need your help as they can ONLY continue building as donations come in.

Contact us for more information on how you can help

or ring directly to the head of the orphanage Mr Mansyur Keneng on 08133-9405-281
to find out exactly what they need...

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Any way we can

KupangKlubHouse.com is involved in numerous community activities aimed at giving less fortunate people a better quality of life.

We are not an Aid Organization but simply a group of people who donate time and effort to any project that benefits those who deserve better.

Join us and together we can make the world a little bit better for some great kids.

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Got an idea!

If you have any ideas or proposals for a life-bettering project that we could assist with, please let us know.

Would you like to meet some of the kids? Click here.

Never forget - No idea is too small.

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Clothes for kids

One of our ongoing projects involves the distribution of children's clothing to various orphanages throughout Kupang and surrounding areas.

Clothes either second hand(near new condition)or new are donated from sources in Australia and within Kupang and given directly to children in need.

We work closely with many orphanages to make sure that the clothes given are size and environment appropriate, no jumpers or jackets required.

We organize special event days to distribute the clothing and make sure all the children get something they can be proud to wear.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to donate anything.

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Toys 'R' Us

Toys are also a great way to bring a smile to young children's faces and that's what it's all about.

Dolls, balls, toy cars etc are all things we take for granted growing up, but not these kids, even the simplest toys can illuminate their faces. So, put a smile on a face today, you'll be amazed at how good you'll feel.

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International Aid Agencies in Kupang & N.T.T.

This region has always been known to the tens of AID agencies to be one of the poorest in natural resources in Indonesia.

Since the influx of refugees from Timor Leste a few years ago, Aid Agencies have been working extra hard to assist the local communities to better their environment with numerous ongoing projects.

Feel free to check out their links and find out what they are up to in this region.

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All aspects of what we do are totally voluntary in all respects.

We receive absolutely no financial gain in any of the events, activities or projects that we are involved in.

Our number one rule is everything we do must be totally and utterly non-profit and transparent.

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