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Who is myKupang.com??? - About myKupang.com


We've lived here for almost 30 years...

For almost the past thirty years we have seen many changes in Kupang, most for the best.

myKupang is a community based website for everyone to use when needed.

Please help us to make this site better by sharing your comments and suggestions with us.

If you feel that something should be added to this site, we would love to know.


...and have loved every second

The lifestyle here is very laid back and it suits us just fine.

Our whole family loves diving and snorkeling throughout the islands around Kupang and Alor.

The local people are very friendly and always willing to lend a hand or point the way.

We hope you are enjoying your stay with us here in Kupang and we look forward to catching up with you soon.


Fifteen years of trial and error.

We know that the first fifteen years of living anywhere new will be mostly spent getting aquatinted with where we could source goods and services, anything from fiberglass sheeting to nail clippers.

Large amounts of time were consumed just trying to find this information.

Where could we find things like good mechanics or who could weld or mend our fence.

We have established this site to point you in the right direction.

If you have any comments or suggestions relating to anything contained within this website, please let us know.


Our Community Commitment

myKupang is involved in numerous community activities aimed at giving less fortunate people a better quality of life.

We are not an Aid Organization but simply a group of people who donate time and effort to any project that benefits those who deserve better.

Join us and together we can make Kupang a little bit better for some great kids.

Providing clothing for local orphans or outsourcing secondhand computers to be used in local schools is just a couple of examples of how we try to help.

We only receive monetary donations on a personal basis from local Kupang contributors, so....

...if you would like to contribute to the assistance of the local people in Kupang, please visit our Community Projects page as....

...it includes many Kupang Aid Agency links on it.


Art Gallery

The region of East Nusa Tenggara (N.T.T.) is scattered with dozens of unique traditional lifestyles, each with it's own distinct art forms.

From the fascinating Ikat Weavings of Sumba to the Moko Drums of Alor, literally hundreds of amazing artifacts and hand-made traditional items can be found.

It is also a glimpse into the history of this amazing region of Indonesian where animalistic beliefs and inter island(as well as international) trading molded a traditional lifestyle not seen anywhere else on the planet.

Browse the Art Gallery and enjoy the beautiful pieces on display.



Who is myKupang.com??? - About myKupang.com